The Villagers' Series

The Villagers' Series

The Broken Triangle Trilogy

(Books 1 - 3 of The Villagers' Series)

Trio for a Broken Triangle

Sonata for a Broken Triangle

Finale for a Broken Triangle

Anna, Jo and Sally live in three houses situated at the end of a lane on the outskirts of the village.  Although they have been neighbours for some years, for various reasons, they have had little to do with each other.  Each struggles with her life: Anna lacking confidence and battling with depression, keeps herself to herself, dividing her time and energies between her job and her commitments in the village; Jo, divorced, and juggling a responsible office job in Bristol with a career as a professional singer is a woman with a painful secret; Sally, widowed in her thirties, works hard to provide a home for her two teenage children while working full time.  As disaster strikes Sally’s family, the three women are drawn together into a close friendship and, as events unfold, each of them is forced to deal with the issues in their respective lives with surprising results.   

Other People's Children   

(Book 4 of The Villagers' Series)

When Maggie's husband announces that his job has relocated to the north of the country and they start talking about what this would mean in practical terms, the pair is forced to look at the state of their marriage.  Agreeing an amicable separation, Maggie elects to stay with their 10 year old son in the village where her family has lived for generations.  But she needs to find a way of making ends meet financially.  Not wanting to take full-time work outside the house – mainly because of her concerns about her young son – she opts to foster children as a way of augmenting her part time accountancy work whilst, at the same time, attempting to create a new life for herself.  In trying to achieve this, she has to overcome the personal and social challenges associated with single motherhood.

Jane’s Tale

Book 6 of The Villagers' Series

Jane’s a fighter … which is just as well, her ex-boyfriend having left her with a massive pile of debt and precious little else.   Her parents both long dead, and with no family to support her, she determines to put her life back together.   It comes as a shock when she is contacted by a legal firm in Bristol acting on behalf of an aunt that Jane’s parents had never mentioned.  The aunt, it appears, wants to make contact with the niece she has never seen.  A visit to meet this aunt, a zany ex-Variety star who lives at Lizzie House, a large property in the village, opens up a whole new world to Jane, a world which forces her to rethink both her life and her perception of herself.   Another book in The Villagers series. 

The Diaries of Bunty Danvers

(Book 5 of The Villagers' Series)

Sarah, trying to make a name for herself as a journalist working on a magazine in Bath, is given the task of researching the life of a local philanthropist.  Grasping the opportunity with both hands, she slowly works through the mountain of diaries and memorabilia left by Bunty Danvers trying to uncover the woman’s life.  Through the process of building a picture of the events that moulded and motivated the late Bunty Danvers, Sarah finds herself looking at her own life and making some fairly drastic changes.

6 Months

Book 7 of The Villagers' Series

Helen Lewis, reception teacher at the village school, decides that she has put up with her husband's womanising for long enough; she's going to demand a divorce.  But, on the very day she reaches this difficult decision, her husband learns that he has a brain tumour – the prognosis is that he has only six months at most before it kills him. Stunned by the news, Helen agrees to put her personal plans on hold, - she’ll support him through this impossible time, learning to accept the kindness of her neighbours, making peace with her husband, and finding a new future.


This story, related in the first person by Ellie, daughter of Jo from Trio for a Broken Triangle, takes place roughly 40 years after the others. 

The children of the various protagonists in the earlier books are all adults, having grown up in a sort of extended family group centred on Lizzie House.  When a meteor lands on Earth carrying a virus that disintegrates virtually all metals it triggers a global disaster. 

This story tracks the group as they struggle to cope with the collapse of the civilisation they know.

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