The Errd Chronicles

The Errd Chronicles

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Errd is a world separated from Earth by a dimensional rift.  At various points there exist geographical anomalies which mean that the two worlds occupy phased touching places and, at these places, it is possible to travel from one world to the other.  These crossings – known as ‘going across’ by the people of Errd – are rigorously controlled by a cadre of specially qualified people on Errd.

The Saga of the Elements

Lintze's Quest - Vol. 1:

Fire and Water - Vol. II:

The Last Element - Vol III:

Lindsay Trent considers herself an ordinary person, living and working in Bristol whilst caring for her orphaned nephew.  However, one afternoon, after a particularly nasty migraine attack, she is whisked off to Errd, where she learns that the life she had been living on Earth was merely a front for a project to protect a world she never knew existed.   Persuaded by Wiesse Terwin, her uncle, she sets out on a series of progressively more dangerous quests through this half-remembered, non-technical, Celtic-influenced world to retrieve the Four Elements she had been sent to Earth to find and which she has secreted in Errd. 

Berndt's Quest

The fifth book in the Errd Chronicles series

It is ten years since Lintze completed the quest for the Elements that saved her world.  Now it is Earth, seriously affected by climate change chaos, that approaches the High Guild, begging for help for its citizens.  Mindful of the assistance Earth rendered to Errdian people during the Troubles of the early twentieth century, the government of Errd agrees to accept an unprecedented influx of incomers escaping the chaos.  Under the auspices of Wiesse Terwin, acting on behalf of the High Guild, Berndt and his daughter, Rissa, become embroiled in the disaster relief attempt, working to create a process by which the various individuals opting for immigration may be eased into the unfamiliar Errdian culture.  In the process, Rissa growns up and Berndt is forced to come to terms with his own demons.

Joris's Secret

The fourth book in the Errd Chronicles

When Berndt Hambrow discovered that Joris Lilwin had appointed him as executor of his last wishes, he had no doubt that would be some surprises in store for him.  What he discovered, astonished his expectations.  Karalintze Thwaite, one of the top agents of the Errdian Secret Guild, is just one of the secrets that Joris Lilwin failed to tell Berndt about.  Berndt passes on a letter written by Joris shortly before his death in which he asks Kara to investigate the son he has only just learned his sister bore when she was across as a teenager.  For someone of Karalintze’s calibre, it seems like an easy task but there are complications and Kara only just escapes with her life. 

Time's Fool

Joris Terwin - grandson of Wiesse and one of Gilla's twin sons - has chosen to follow his grandfather into the craft  of kahtmaster.     Whilst taking his final exams, Joris discovers that he is one of the very rare timekahtmasters – he can take the kahts through time as well as space. 

While he is still reeling from this discovery, he finds himself tasked with the challenge of trying to locate the daughter of the last known timekahtmaster, a woman who was kidnapped during the Strife. 

This quest  finds him not only going back in time but also across to Tudor times on Earth.  Here, in the perilous world of Elizabethan London, his personal courage is sorely tested as he scours the city for the missing woman. 

The Dark Lady

A story set in Errd

A playful look at what may have happened during the 'lost years' of William Shakespeare

The year is 1585. The place a wayhouse in the Southwark area on Errd.  Merianna and her brother Rhiesse (children of the wayhouse master) are preparing to travel to a family wedding in Wales.  Disaster strikes when the kaht is mis-sent and they arrive in London, on Earth.   Befriended by some players living in London at the time, they must travel the length of the country in their attempt to return to their home.

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