The Archangel Series

The Archangel Series

Fools Rushing In

Did you ever wonder what happen to Callisto Blinn after A Heavenly Job?  Well, here is your chance to find out in the second book in the Archangel series.  It is some months since she and Dan assisted in tracking down the serial killer targeting young actresses and life has moved on for Cally.  A chance comment … a glimpsed meeting in the park … could it really be a terrorist plot?   How can Cally possibly avert this disaster?  The clock is ticking

A Heavenly Job   

Life wasn’t particularly kind to Callisto Blinn.  Born to an idealistic hippy who was not able to cope with a baby born with a hare lip, Cally was brought up by her sensible and reliable Aunt Jane.  Bored with her dead-end office career, Cally finds herself being offered a job working for the Archangel Gabriel as one of a team processing newly dead souls.  Through this somewhat improbable means, she discovers that there is a serial killer on the loose - but how can she go to the police with her information?   Teaming up with the journalist son of one of her colleagues, she works against the clock to stop the murderer from striking again.

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