Stories for Young People

Stories for Young People

Originally written for my grandchildren who have graciously allowed me to publish them

A Scottish Adventure

A Caroline Worde Story

The last weeks of the school term had been rendered horrific by the unexplained drowning of Mme Vacherin in the school swimming pool. But now it was August and Lily and Annabel were in Edinburgh with Lily’s Granny to enjoy the Edinburgh Fringe. They had left all that rumour and unpleasantness behind them. Or had they?

The Mystery of Doomsday Cottage

A month in the country with an uncle he had never met before. It should be an adventure. At least that is what Hugo told himself. All he knew about Doomsday Cottage was that it was in the middle of nowhere and probably had no wifi. But despite these drawbacks, Hugo was determined to make the best of things. There would be stuff to explore ... wouldn’t there? Little did he realise the secret that was awaiting him and what terrible events he would uncover.

Hugo and the Afanc

Cub camp in the Brecon Beacons – what could be more fun?  But when Hugo and his friend Li wake to find the camp deserted they are suddenly thrown into the strange world of the y Tylwyth Teg where they battle with a series of challenges in order to rescue their friends before they can be fed to the dreaded Afanc.  Are the boys up to this test?  Will they succeed in their quest to save their friends? 

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