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Hotel Life 

At the opening of the story, Rachel, self-styled failure of the family, is the divorced mother of a teenage girl living in relative penury in Bridgwater, Somerset.  When her aunt - the black sheep of her own generation – dies, her Will comes as a shock to the whole family.  She has left her hotel in Minehead – a successful business known as The Red House – to Rachel.  In the teeth of opposition from her siblings and knowing nothing whatsoever about how to run a hotel, Rachel and her teenage daughter take over the business, with unexpected results.

A Dish Best Taken Cold 

Liz has moved away from her home town in an attempt to make a new life for herself following the break-up of a long standing relationship.  However, things start falling apart when she is asked to assist the police investigating the murder of Joanna, the woman who went behind her back to steal and ultimately marry her man.  As events unfold, it becomes clear that not only is someone trying to frame Liz for this crime, but that she may even be in danger.  But from whom?  And why?  The story is told through the voices of the three women involved in the story - Liz herself, Joanna, the murdered woman and Molly, mother of the solicitor tasked with Liz's case.

Titanium Minds 

Chrissie, learned from a very early age how to escape from unpleasant reality into a world in her mind, a separate existence where she could be safe.  Adulthood and marriage to Oliver Hartley-Jones rendered her ‘safety net’ superfluous … at least, that is what she believed.  However, dragged off on a 'get rich quick', wild goose chase by her ne’er do well husband, she finds herself increasingly isolated as the disparate group searching for elusive titanium ore starts disintegrating.  Then the members of the group abusing her die or disappear, one by one.  What actually happened out there in the middle of nowhere? 

A Libation to Nemesis

Helga wasn't a particularly easy person. In fact, she was a nuisance especially in the small community of the Xanthi Studios. Or so Polly Jerram thought. But despite that minor irritation, Polly found life in her refuge pleasant. It was somewhere she could work on her thesis and, let's face it, there are worse places to be than on an Aegean island! Then one morning, Helga is found floating face down in the swimming pool and suddenly the idyll is shattered. Was it an accident as everyone hoped? Or was it something more sinister?

Murder in Minehead 

A sequel to Hotel Life – it is six months since the wedding of Rachel and Sebastian.  Being married to Sebastian is everything Rachel dreamed it would be … that is until a guest staying in the hotel disappears and her body is discovered in a bus shelter; she has been strangled.   On the surface this has nothing to do with Rachel and her family but as the investigation unfolds, the murder reveals far reaching, long buried, family skeletons.

A Year in the Life

It is August and Katherine – Kate to her friends – is hunting for a new job … and a new life.  Offered the post of manager of a retirement complex in a village in Somerset, she enthusiastically settles in, supporting the small community of retired people and becoming part of village life. Things are looking up … there’s even a relationship in the offing … then disaster strikes and a moment of stupidity threatens to ruin everything … or does it?

Who are you Jili Bryant? 

Jill Bryant's life is ordinary, predictable and, it has to be said, boring, but, when her husband is killed by a terrorist bomb on a bus in Bristol, her safe little world is destroyed.  Faced with having to create a life for herself and extremely angry about it, Jill is forced out of her comfortable existence.  In the aftermath of coping with the trauma caused by the bomb, she starts hearing voices and, half fearing she is losing her mind, and driven by the need to find out more about what is being said in what she hopes are just ‘dreams’, she travels to Stanebridge, where her family came from originally.   Here she discovers a family she never knew existed and becomes involved in solving a family mystery dating from the mid 1800s.

Moving Times 

Inheriting a small amount of money from her father, Sue, divorced mother of a grown up son, decides to use it to make her dream of living in the country a reality.  She falls in love with a cottage attached to a chapel in the process of being renovated.  In the process, she encounters Matt, the owner of the cottage and the chapel, and his family, and her life takes an unforeseen direction. 

One is one and all alone

Something has happened - what is it? Who are these people? What does it all mean?

We each occupy our little space on this crowded planet and thereby create a world that is ours. It is a cliche, but it is as individuals we experience the events that make up our communal lives. It is by adding all these experiences together that we are able to piece together an event that has affected many.

With the exception of the last chapter, the chapters in this novella may be read in any order and the same story will emerge.

The Weird Sisters

Like all of us, Lily, Rose and Daisy had ancestors; unlike most of us, theirs were women valued for their skills in healing or their second sight. But as in every barrel there is inevitably a rotten apple, so occasionally the line threw up a rebellious woman who veered to the dark side of the craft. When one particularly angry and powerful 17th century ancestress starts making her presence felt things start falling apart for the current generation.

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