The Caroline Worde Stories


The Caroline Worde Mysteries


Detective Chief Inspector Caroline Worde and her team of detectives investigating murder in Somerset

The Writers’ Group


Detective Chief Inspector Worde is not having a good Bank Holiday Sunday. Then, as she is waiting in the A&E department to have the wounds on her hand looked at, suddenly it gets a lot worse. A body has been found in the chapel of an old celtic monastic site now used as a conference centre situated on the edge of Exmoor. All very picturesque and charming but not very hot on mod cons. As if this were not enough of a challenge, the group of suspects comprise the variegated membership of a would-be writers’ group spending the Bank Holiday weekend at the centre. Can she solve the mystery before the end of the Bank Holiday and before the various characters drive her totally insane?


A Scottish Adventure


The last weeks of the school term had been rendered horrific by the unexplained drowning of Mme Vacherin in the school swimming pool. But now it was August and Lily and Annabel were in Edinburgh with Lily’s Granny to enjoy the Edinburgh Fringe. They had left all that rumour and unpleasantness behind them. Or had they?

Poison on the Tracks


Eliza Nicholson apparently led the most boring, uneventful life DCI Worde had ever come across in all her time investigating crime. So why should anyone want her dead? Who could have cared enough about her to kill her and leave her body in the toilet cubicle at a steam railway station in the middle of nowhere?


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